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ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS and TERMS: To purchase one of these special items, please send us an email requesting a proforma invoice for the item you are interested in. Please include your full name, company name, company address, telephone number, Federal Tax ID number (if known), the item number and on which web site URL you saw it listed. Also include how you would like the item shipped to you so we can provide pricing for shipping and/or insurance which are in addition to the price shown. Please email this information to us: <CLICK HERE>. Upon receipt of your information, we will email you back a proforma invoice for the item (in Adobe PDF format). We will then place a temporary “hold” on the item to allow you time to send full payment. Payment is due within ten days time or the offer to sell will be void/expire. Payment can be in the form of: US Postal Money Order (only a USPS Money order!), Direct Deposit, Business Check or PayPal Payment (only if you are a verified USA member shipping to a confirmed USA  address). *NOTE: If you are an existing client who has a history of paying your bills on-time with our company, then we may accept a purchase order from your company (please inquire for details). No Credit Cards will be accepted for these special items. It is the responsibility of the buyer to confirm that the item is appropriate for their application. Questions ? Please email or call us directly [1-919-241-4858]. NOTE: Unless otherwise noted in the product description, each item is used and may have some scratches, dings or other cosmetic defects. All items sold "As-Is" with no returns allowed. Please read the description carefully as we try to include a lot of detail.

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Current  Inventory   List  of  Laboratory  Equipment.  Last  Updated  on September 8,  2014.

Agilent Technologies Infinity Series Instant Pilot (G4208A) Controller

Item #G4208A-67U : This is a used, but excellent like new condition HPLC controller. Fully tested and works perfectly with no worries or issues. Agilent's most recent handheld local controller for the Agilent HPLC systems (1100, 1200, 1260 & 1290) replaced the earlier G1323A and G1323B modules. The latest version has an excellent LCD color screen, keyboard, easy to use menus, USB slot for easy method/sequence saving or firmware updates and a CAN cable for plugging into your system. The latest Agilent Firmware has been loaded (Rev B.02.13). No box or hanger. Buy from Agilent for $3,348 or pay our low price. $ 2,000 USD.

ZEISS Axiostar Plus Light Microscope loaded with factory upgrades!

Item #1169151-720 : Own the best quality microscope at a great price. Made by the highest quality optics manufacturer in the world, ZEISS! This is a used research grade transmitted light microscope with current spec ICS optics (Infinity Color-Corrected System) and is loaded with over $2,500 in optional upgrades. It was professionally refurbished and is in excellent condition. Features: Super bright, high contrast images (as only Zeiss offers) and true Kohler illumination with a 20 W halogen (variable) light source. Includes 45 degree ICS Binocular head; upgraded five position nosepiece with five upgraded ZEISS infinity A-Plan objectives (2.5x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x); Upgraded PL 10x/20 Eyepieces (one fixed/one focusable); Abbe Condensor (0.9/1.25) with filter slot and upgraded swing-in wide angle condenser; blue conversion filter; luminous field diaphragm; 70 x 30mm Mechanical stage w/ceramic coated surface; slide holder; Ergonomic Stage and Focus drives; power cord and Operator's Manual (one of the best and most detailed operator's manuals ever written).  *An optional brand new Zeiss 100x achromat objective is available for this microscope for an additional $250. *Email us for more pictures. Sold new for over $6,000 ! Our Price : $ 2,400 USD.

HP Agilent G1351A External Control Interface (ECI) Board

(AKA: Contact Closure Board) P/N G1351A

Item # G1351A-17 : These are brand new, "open box" External Control Interface boards for use with the HP or Agilent Technologies brand 1100, 1200 or 1260-series HPLC systems. They add four time table controlled contact closures/relays and/or BCD vial control to most of the HPLC modules. The board just slides into the rear panel of the module. If you use an automated valve for column selection or switching, then this is probably the board you need. Agilent charges over $400 each for these boards. Our price is much lower. *Note: If you purchase one of these ECI boards and also need a general purpose interface cable too, then we will offer you a factory cable for only $50 extra (Agilent charges over $100 for the cable alone). Price : $ 275 USD for the ECI Board; $ 325 USD for the ECI board and one factory GP Cable (Cable P/N G1103-61611).

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Agilent G1351-81600 General Purpose BCD / Contact Closure Cable "Clone"

Item #G1351-81600C : Brand New custom made clone general purpose cable for the ECI Board (P/N G1351A). This shielded cable has the HD15 connector on one end and 15 bare wires on the other end. It allows use of the ECI Board's BCD or four Contact Closures. We also offer spltters ('Y' adapter) so you can connect 2 ECI cables to   one board ('Y' cable is $50). Agilent sells this G.P cable for $169. Our Low Price : $ 80 USD EACH.

Hewlett-Packard 15C, Limited Edition

Scientific Calculator (BRAND NEW IN BOX)

Item #15C-LTD-NIB : Brand New in Mint Box, HP 15C Limited Edition calculator (not the original 15C made between 1982-1989, but a reintrodcued, faster version)  with all accessories. Rare, very collectable, sold out super fast by HP and now discontinued.  HP Part #: NW250AA#ABA;
UPC Code: 886111555413; 1 year HP Warranty.
Price : $ 500 USD.

Agilent Analog Signal Cable: # 35900-60900

Item #35900-60900 : Brand NEW in factory package. Commonly used to connect an Integrator (3394/3395/3396) or 35900-series A/D box to a detector's output signal, this signal cable has a three pinned plug at one end and three spade lugs at the other. Agilent price is $104. Our Price : $ 80 USD.

G1351-81600.jpg (219976 bytes)

15C-LTD.JPG (43980 bytes)

35900-60900.jpg (498103 bytes)



Item #4000-06-SPECIAL: This is a like new LC Spiderling Dlx system, Model # CS4000-06CZ,  that we have used in our own laboratory for four years which has been replaced with a nine-column version. We have completely refurbished this module to 'as-new' condition with all new column lines, fittings and valve. It is cosmetically and operationally as-new. Temp range of 10C below ambient to 60C. Five column positions plus one built-in ByPass line. It includes both contact closure and  RS232 control interfaces. Can be controlled through most manufacturer's software. *Other upgrades/options are available at additional cost to you. A 90-day limited warranty is included. Regular price is $11K. Price for this ONE available special unit is: $  6,000  USD.

Hewlett-Packard ChemStation LAN / MIO Interface Board (new in box)

Item #J4100A-59 : New old stock (photo is of a board we took out of the box to photograph only). Factory board provides Ethernet Network Control of an HP/Agilent 1100 or 1200-Series instrument when used with ChemStation Revision A.06.01 or higher software [Works with Rev A.06.01 through B.03.03]. The board slides into the back of your detector module and is used to communicate with your PC via an RJ-45 cable. *If desired, we will install the latest firmware, K.08.49 for use with ChemStation software, at no extra cost. Not compatible with EZChrome and some other CDS systems. AKA Agilent P/N G1680-63714. Price : $ 175 USD.

Hewlett-Packard 14B, Limited Edition 50th Anniversary, Business Calculator (NIB)

Item #14B-50NIB : Brand New in Mint Box (included, not shown). HP 14B Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Model business calculator with all accessories and shrink wrapped manuals. Very Collectable. *Originally only available to employees of Hewlett-Packard in 1989. Made in 1989. Batteries have been removed to protect it during storage over the last twenty plus years. Price : $ 100 USD.

CS4000-Special.jpg (350732 bytes)

J4100A-34.JPG (465302 bytes)

HP 14B 1.jpg (315764 bytes)

AS NEW, HP J4097B (ProCurve Switch 408)

Item #HP-J4097B-HJ : These are fantastic little 8-port high speed Network switch units. Compact size and includes an AC Adapter. Great for use in HPLC/GC/LC-MS instrument networks using ChemStation or any Ethernet based computers or printers. The HP ProCurve Switch 408 is a multiport switch that can be used to build high performance switched workgroup networks.

  • 8 autosensing 10/100Base-TX RJ-45 ports -- all ports can sense the connection speed, 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps, and automatically operate at that speed.
  • HP Auto-MDIX on all ports. 
  • Plug and play networking -- all ports are enabled.

  New Lower Price : $ 100 USD.

HP 1090 HPLC Assorted Parts

Item #79846-66503: Swivel Arm Sensor. New IR Sensor on board. These usually require replacement after ten years due to age. List Price is $180. Our Price : $ 100 USD.

Item #79846-66504: A/I Valve Sensor. New IR Sensor on board. These usually require replacement after ten years due to age. List Price is $110. Our Price : $ 80 USD.

Special Web Page of dozens of HP 1090 Series-II HPLC PARTS


Hewlett-Packard 1090 / 1040 DAD (Series-I) Test Flow Cell

Item #79880-60006 : Fits Series-I HP1090 and 1040 DAD. This "Dummy Cell" is used to test the lamp output and wavelength calibration. A must have item for this detector. Simply inserts into detector well.  Price : $ 100 USD.

HP J4097B.jpg (202689 bytes)

Pictures Can Be Found On the Special HP 1090 Parts Web Page : <CLICK HERE>

dummycell.jpg (58230 bytes)

HP 1050 - Series HPLC USER's GUIDE

< We have two guides to choose from >

Item # 79852-90008, "1050 Series Pumping Systems". This manual explains how to prepare, set the parameters, diagnosis status, read errors and operate the 1050 Quat and Isocratic Pumps.  Price : $ 100.

Item # G1306-90000, "1050 Series Diode-Array Detector". This manual explains how to prepare, set the parameters, diagnosis status, read errors and operate the diode array detector. Price : $ 100.

Valco (VICI) Cheminert 4-Position Micro or Nano flow Valve

P/N  C25N-1354DY

Item #C25N-1354DY: New old stock. These valves have many uses including use as a diverter valve for LC/MS applications with micro or nano flow systems.   C25 series multiposition Valve with the following specifications: One central inlet/outlet port and 4-selector ports to direct flow; 1/32" Ports; 0.010" Bore; 400 psi; 50C; Valcon E Rotor; PAEK Stator; PPS Valve Body for use with a multi-position microactuator. List Price is $ 650. Our Price $ 200 USD.

Power Cord, HP NetServer Type

Item # 8120-5395 : HP power line cord for NetServer model LX-Pro, LXr-Pro, LXe-Pro and other servers. 16 AWG, 2.5 meters with 90 degree receptacle with 'U' channel cut into it to prevent standard line cord from being plugged in. Very rare item. Price : $ 50 USD.

1050 User Manuals.jpg (198374 bytes)

C25N-1354DY.jpg (226325 bytes)

powercord.jpg (232378 bytes)

Optical Filter Wheel for Spectrophotometer

Item #08451-60302 : HP 8451A UV/VIS Spectrophotometer Sample Filter Wheel in like new condition. Has four positions: 1) No Filter; 2) UV Roll Off; 3) 265nm Cut-Off; 4) 295nm Cut-Off. Very useful item for this popular spectrophotometer. Agilent sells these for $ 940 each and the price goes up each month as they get harder and harder to find. Price : $ 150 USD.

HP Integrator (3395 / 3396) Paper Roll (1x)

Item #5181-1219: New old stock. One roll is still sealed in factory shrink wrap.  These rolls fit most of the inkjet based HP and SP brand integrators. Price for ONE new roll only (not two as shown) : $   50 USD/1 roll.

Hewlett-Packard 1040, 1090, 1050 Optical Slits (3x)

Item #79883-80022:  A 2nm Optical Slit ("Spring Style") for the 1040 (II), 1050 and 1090 (II) DAD and MWD detectors.    Item #79883-80024 : A 4nm Optical Slit ("Spring Style") for the 1040 (II), 1050 and 1090 (II) DAD and MWD detectors. Item #79883-80028 : (not shown) An 8nm Optical Slit ("Spring Style") for the 1040 (II), 1050 and 1090 (II) DAD and MWD detectors. These interchangeable slits allow you to vary the amount of light that falls on the detector.   Agilent/HP charges $200 each. All Three Slits : $ 150 USD.

08451-60302.jpg (135802 bytes)

HPintegpaper.jpg (194079 bytes)

slits.jpg (38575 bytes)

Valco (VICI) Cheminert 26-Position LP Stream Selector Valve

VICI P/N  C35Z-31826D

Item #C35Z-PP : New old stock. This valve was ordered for a client's special application and then never purchased. It is offered fully preplumbed and labeled (19 of the positions)!  C35Z series multiposition Valve with the following specifications: One central inlet/outlet port and 26-selector ports to direct flow; 1/16" Ports (10-32); 0.030" Bore; 100 psi; 50C; Valcon E2 Rotor; PPS Stator; PPS Valve Body for use with a multi-position microactuator. Price : $ 350 USD.

HPLC Pressure Test Fitting, PLUG

Item # PLUG-2 : If you own an HPLC, then you need this item. This fitting is designed to "plug" the PUMP outlet (or any other outlet) on your HPLC system to allow to you to pressure test it for leaks OR seat new piston seals. Simply unscrew your outlet line and replace with this high pressure PLUG and you are ready to perform diagnostics. This is a professionally machined part and available at a great discount price. Price : $ 50 USD.

HPIB Interface Cable 10833B

Item #HPIB-025 : We have one GPIB / HPIB interface cable in excellent condition. 2-meters in length. HP P/N 10833B.  Price : $75 USD.

C35Z-31826D.jpg (477526 bytes)

hplcplug.jpg (209720 bytes)

HPIB-10833B.jpg (385840 bytes)

HP Agilent HPIB Board, P/N 82350B

(For use with a PC and ChemStation Software)

Item # 82350B-66511 : This is an as-new, fully tested HPIB board which has been tested in a computer running ChemStation A.10.01 (works with ChemStation Revision A.09.03 or higher, including B.0#.##) for LC with an Agilent 1100 and HP 1090 HPLC system. The board has a PCI interface. Price : $ 250.

Hewlett-Packard / J3294A Network HUB

Item # J3294A-NEW : Brand New in Box, HP Procurve 10/100T, 12-Port Unmanaged Hub with Rack Mounts and all factory documentation. Can be used to connect multiple computers or devices to one ethernet line. *Note: To take a picture of the modules, we removed one from the box. Price : $ 50 each.

HP 82350B PCI.JPG (791543 bytes)

procurve.jpg (77429 bytes)

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